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Your Wealth 21 Team

Working for your Future

 Paul Brown

Financial Adviser

Email: paul@wealth21.com.au

Paul’s focus is to assist families in making smart and informed decisions with their money – and help them achieve their lifestyle aspirations.

His areas of expertise include retirement income planning and investment advice.

Residing on the Sunshine Coast since 1998, Paul enjoys playing golf, gym sessions, watching football, camping, hiking and starting each day with nice coffee. He is working on improving his paddleboarding and surfing skills too.

He loves to support and encourage his two sons to follow their passions and enjoy life. For Lochlan, that’s motor cars and playing football on Friday nights with his mates. And for Riley, that means creating new music and digital artworks.

Kylie Waugh

Client Services Manager

Email: kylie@wealth21.com.au 

Kylie joined the team in early 2014 after ten years of maternity leave and has a background in Human Resource Management with the Queensland State Government.

Kylie works closely with Paul to formulate financial plans to ensure clients can enjoy the fruits of their labour and live their desired lifestyles now and in retirement.

Kylie believes you should be who you want to be and have what you want to have and with a bit of planning, you can.

Family is the heart of everything, and Kylie values every minute she can spend with her husband Damien and their three girls. She crams a lot into 24 hours and thrives on being busy and active. Kylie thinks there is nothing better than the smell of the ocean and loves walking on the beach with Bailey, her pug dog. She also loves being a mum, her thermo-mix, coffee, ocean swimming, smashing up the boxing bag and watching any kind of sport at any hour.