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Pre-Meeting Checklist

What should I bring to my first meeting?

If you are new to our practice, we would recommend bringing the following documentation to your initial meetings:

  • Identification – Driver licence or¬†passport and tax file number.
  • Income – the value of your gross income, or a copy of the front page of your last tax return.
  • Personal Assets – valuations of your personal assets and any assets outside our management, such as bank balances, value of term deposits, number of listed securities held and so on.
  • Superannuation – the current value of your various¬†superannuation accounts held outside our¬†management, or a copy of the last statement received.
  • Managed Investments – the current value of your managed investments held outside our management, or copies of Investment Holding statements.
  • Insurance – a copy of the last statement/s received.
  • Business/Investment Entities – general details of any entities (such as trusts and companies), and the relevant financial statements.

For SMSF clients, please bring along the following to your meeting –

  • A copy of the most recent financial statements.