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Investor Education

Investor Education

This information hub will frequently feature various investment information, researched articles and other notable material.
The Wealthmaker Function
For investment information relative to your stage of life, please click the link below. Professional Investment Services has developed this source to educate and better inform investors as to how your investments will change over your lifetime.
Fixed Interest Investments
There are many myths and misconceptions about fixed interest investments – most of which may cause investors to undervalue the benefits of bonds and fixed interest investments. In article below, the most common myths are identified and information is provided on the characteristics of bonds and how those characteristics affect the return profile of fixed income.
Market Cycle

Investing in financial markets can cause an array of emotions in the typical investor. As markets fluctuate, as does the investor’s faith in their investments. The document below demonstrates how the investor can react to the cyclical changes of the investment markets.

Retirement Ready

Are you retirement ready? The following document produced by Colonial First State delivers a number of important questions you should ask yourself and your partner when nearing retirement.